My Story

My soul purpose in life is to use my courage and compassion to inspire and encourage others to live joyful, empowered and abundant lives and I am joyfully living that purpose!

This was not always the case though.  I had an abusive childhood - emotional, physical and verbal.  My life was a struggle but I always considered myself a survivor.  I have endured the pain and heartache of numerous broken relationships and have survived times when money was scarce. I always picked myself up and moved on, but I never seemed to be happy.  In 2004, after my second divorce, my brother told me about the Law of Attraction.  I didn’t really understand it though.  I went through several more broken relationships and the financial struggles the relationships brought.  In 2007 I watched the movie “The Secret” and started trying to use it to make my life better.  I took self-empowerment classes and even used a coach for a while.  Despite all of the positive thinking I tried to do, the only thing I manifested was a flat tire in the middle of the New Mexico desert!  I knew it worked but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work for good things!

In 2010 I found myself going through yet another divorce and bankruptcy at the same time.  I owned my own business but had left it for a couple years to move away to get married.  I was back home, broke and alone, trying to get my business going again and about to lose my home.  I was completely stressed out and didn’t know where to turn.  I was listening to another webcast about the Law of Attraction and I finally got it.  The woman was talking about how the Law of Attraction attracts what our subconscious beliefs are.  We can be unaware of them.  I knew I needed to figure that out.  I contacted her and used the last of my savings to invest in myself and hired her to coach me.  I began to uncover all kinds of limiting beliefs about money, my worthiness to have money, my worthiness as a person, and on and on.  I think I had every possible limiting belief there could be.

It worked though.  As I started to uncover and remove my limiting beliefs things started to happen.  I started getting more clients in my business and money started coming in.  I was able to reduce my mortgage interest rate to 2%, which almost cut my mortgage payment in half.  Using the tools and practices that I learned, I built my business to a six-figures and am working on building my second business.  Even better, I am happy!  I am happy with my life and happy with myself.

I have always had a passion to help others and the amazing changes in my own life have inspired me to help others achieve joy and abundance in their lives too.  In 2012 I became a Certified Coach.  I studied with Jack Canfield and am a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law - it works for everyone whether you are conscious of it or not!  I know that if it worked for me and all of my limiting beliefs it will work for you.  If you are feeling stuck and want to change your life to have more joy and abundance I would love to work with you.  Contact me and we will get started on creating your best life!

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