When I first started my business, I used the principles of the Law of Attraction to identify and remove limiting beliefs I had about money and my worthiness to have abundance.  I still use those principles daily in my life and business.  Using those principles, my business quickly grew and I felt happy and fulfilled.

Although I had grown my business from zero income to enough to survive, I wanted to grow it to a point where I was thriving and not just surviving.  I set financial goals, wrote them out, tried to visualize them every day and took actions to increase my income.  I had trouble visualizing money and, despite my efforts, my income didn’t increase to meet my goals.

I decided to do something different.  Instead of having a “financial” goal, I made a “service” goal.  Instead of having a goal to make a certain amount of money each month or week, I set a goal to serve at least a certain number of clients each week.  I visualized meeting with the clients, being present with them and interacting joyfully with them, how happy they were with the service I was helping them with, and the feeling of fulfillment to have helped them.

Once I shifted my focus from money to service an incredible thing happened.  My income doubled the next month and has doubled several times since then.  Sometimes it is the small mindset shifts that can make a huge difference in our lives!

What mindset shifts can you make to have a better, more abundant life?  I would love to hear your comments.

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