Keys to Change your Mindset for More Abundance!

Our thoughts and beliefs create the life we have.  Most of us think we have positive thoughts, but we are often unaware of is the subconscious thoughts and beliefs we have.  It is actually those subconscious thoughts and beliefs that create your life.

When it comes to money and wealth, most people have a mentality of lack to some degree or another.  They are completely unaware of it because it is the normal in our society and what we have learned since birth.

When I first learned about this and set out to change my life I found that I had many beliefs causing a lack mentality that I was completely unaware of.  No wonder I never seemed to get ahead.

Here are some common issues and how to change your mindset to abundance:

Worrying about not having enough. This is a pervasive situation in our society and when you are focused on “not enough” that is what you manifest in your life.  The reality is God has created infinite supply and by changing the way you think you can access that infinite supply.  The goal to overcome this habit is to replace worry of lack with thoughts of abundance.  This can be done and in a fairly short time.  I used to worry until I was sick to my stomach and couldn’t eat, but by following these simple steps I was able to turn that around within a month or so. 

First, practice gratitude.  Regardless of what you do not have, change your focus to what you DO have.  Set some time aside each day to write in a gratitude journal.  Write at least five things each day that you are truly grateful for.  Focusing on gratitude will gradually retrain your subconscious thinking to see the abundance and not the lack.

Second, remain present.  By that, I mean focus on the here and now.  Worry is focusing on the future – something that has not even happened.  Throughout the day try to be mindful of what you are thinking about.  If you start worrying about future lack, consciously notice the thought.  Bring your focus to the current moment and affirm to yourself “Right now, in this moment, I have everything I need.”

Hoarding.  While it is not really common to hoard to the degree we see on the television reality shows, many of us are guilty of hoarding to one degree or another.  You may keep a hidden stash of money to use when you are out of money.  You may keep stuff you don’t need just in case you might need it in the future and may not be able to afford to buy it then, or you keep stuff that you will never use again just because you feel it may have some value in the future.  There is nothing wrong with saving money and having things.  The problem lies in what your beliefs are for keeping these things.  If your beliefs are based in fear that you might need it in the future but not be able to afford it, you have a belief in lack and will attract more lack into your life.

Spending money on cheap, poor quality items.  People with an abundant mindset do not spend their money on cheap and poor quality items.  They will spend their money on what they desire, knowing that there is infinite supply to have more of what they desire.  Buying cheap and poor quality items is a result of subconsciously believing you can’t afford what you really want.  When I was broke, I used to buy cheap and poor quality food at the grocery store.  I didn’t buy healthy, quality food because I felt I couldn’t afford it.  One day I tried an experiment.  I went to the grocery store and put quality healthy food and things I really desired in my cart.  When I got to the checkout, my bill was actually less than it had been each week when I was buying things I didn’t really desire but that were cheaper.

Ordering the cheapest instead of what you want at a restaurant.  Often the price difference between what you really want and the cheaper item is only a few dollars, but if you order the cheaper item you are giving in to the belief in lack.  You are telling yourself that you can’t afford what you want or you don’t deserve what you want.  Next time you go out to eat, try reading the menu without looking at the prices.  Decide what you really want to eat and order it, you deserve it!

These are just a few of the countless issues that indicate a lack mindset.  Just remember, there is infinite supply in the Universe and you can have whatever you desire!  Focus on infinite supply and what you want – there is enough for everyone.

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