Self-Care and Self-Love – Taking Care of Your Body, Mind and Soul

One key component to self-empowerment and using the Law of Attraction for your benefit is self-love and self-worth.  It is said to treat other’s as we want to be treated, but often we don’t treat ourselves how we want to be treated.  The Law of Attraction will bring into your life what your dominant thoughts and beliefs are.  If you feel unworthy you will block receiving the things you want in life.  The truth is that you are worthy, you were born worthy.  Taking care of yourself and loving yourself is a crucial step in changing those beliefs about yourself.

Many people think self-care or self-love is doing nice things for ourselves or buying ourselves things.  The truth is, while that is nice, it is not true self-care or self-love.  Just like in a relationship, if your partner buys you flowers but is always putting you down or yelling angrily at you, it is not love.  Love is shown by the way you are treated and spoken to on a daily basis.  If you love a child, you yell and berate and put them down and then buy something for them to show them love.  You spend time with the child, you nurture and teach the child, you make sure the child is getting the proper nutrition, enough rest, etc. It is the same with ourselves.  It is how we treat ourselves – our body, mind and soul – on a regular daily basis that shows self-love.

Are you loving your body and taking care of it?  Are you feeding your body the proper nutrition it needs to thrive and be healthy or are you giving it junk food to fuel cravings?  Are you getting enough rest so that your body and rejuvenate daily or are you pushing it to the limit with stress and lack of sleep?  Are you exercising your body regularly or are you neglecting it?

Are you taking care of your mind?  What thoughts do you have about yourself?  When you make a mistake, do you beat yourself up and think how stupid you are or do you tell yourself that everyone makes mistakes and you will do better next time.  What do you think about how you look or how you act?  Do you think gentle kind thoughts about yourself, do you accept yourself as you are?  Or do you think you will only be good enough once you lose those stubborn pounds, or change yourself or your actions to conform to what others think?

Are you taking care of your soul?  Do you meditate regularly to allow your soul to connect with and receive guidance from Source?  Or, do you just ignore your soul’s needs?  Do you hold on to negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, or do you have a practice to release these emotions and replace them with love.

You matter just as much as anyone else matters.  It is up to you to set boundaries and make time to care for yourself and to give your body, mind and soul the needed regular, daily self-care.  I would invite you to start putting yourself first.  You cannot be your best self for others if you are not taking care of yourself.  Start a daily practice of doing something good for your body each day, replace junk food with nutritious food.  Give your body some exercise each day – you don’t have to start huge, take a little walk, do some stretching, turn on some music and dance, anything that feels good you.  On a daily basis be mindful of how you are thinking about yourself and replace any negative thinking with kinder, gentler thoughts.  Stand in front of your bathroom mirror each day and say “I love you” to yourself.  Make time every day to take care of your soul.  Meditate, do yoga, spend time in nature, whatever works for you to renew your soul.

Making self-love and self-care a daily habit will improve your feelings of worthiness and allow more good into your life.  How are you taking care of yourself?

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