Individual Coaching

My coaching program will take you from the place of fear and feeling broken, through the process of finding your own value, learning to love yourself.  You will heal the fears and limiting beliefs that are causing your pain and holding you back in life.  You will be empowered to clarify what you want in life and to take the actions necessary to achieve what you want.

Transformation takes time . . .

The process of healing and transforming your life takes time - it doesn't happen overnight or even in a week or two.  I truly desire to help you receive lasting benefits in your life.  Therefore, my individual coaching packages start at a minimum of 8 weeks.


I loved working with Beth, she was caring and really easy to talk to.  She helped guide me through my situation and I could not have done it without her!  Maria F.


I have attended a work shop by Ms. Beatty which has essentially changed my life.  She provided the tools to assist me in identifying my road blocks to success and how to overcome them.  I have a reference with which to refer back to and to assess my personal growth.  I personally/ highly recommend her work shop.  Kathryn K.

Next Steps...

To work with me, complete the questionnaire and we will schedule a FREE session to discuss your needs.